Resource Center 中文

AUSTAR is a technology-based pharmaceutical engineering solution provider with deep understanding of industry regulations and processes.
Integrating global high-quality resources and being committed to helping clients improve process and operational effectiveness.
Through boosting global drug safety and efficacy to protect and promote human health.

Technology application

Focus on frontier pharmaceutical technology Collect global high quality technical resources
Comprehensive technical knowledge accumulation Interpretation and transformation of latest legal guidelines

Product center

Clean Utility Equipment & System

Bioprocess Equipment & System

Clean Room, Automation Control & Monitor System

Powder and Solid Equipment & System

Freeze-dryer, Sterile Filling & Visual Inspection Equipment

Pharmaceutical Process Contamination Control Products

Packaging and Aseptic Containment Products

Biosafety and Lab Animal Equipment & Consumables

Laboratory One-stop Solution

Single-use Bioprocess Equipment & Consumables

Service business

Media center

A professional and cohesive team dedicates to promoting industry progress, realizing personal value, pursuing perfect excellence.

Our professional and warm team encourages constant growth, target realization and value creation.

Investing time and resources in team life has always been part of our culture.

Brand portfolio

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