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The Technology Forum for High Potent Drug was finished in Success


The Technology Forum for High Potent Drug Production, EHS and Engineering was held by AUSTAR Group on 19th, Oct.. It focused on explaining EHS production requirements and regulations, providing a professional communication and exchange platform for Chinese enterprises.


We specially invited Andreas Flueckiger, who has deep achievement in the areas of occupational toxicology and process containment, and Michael Avraam that has twenty years’ experience in the design of turkey containment systems and integrate an array of process equipment. Both of them gave an excellent speech and had a good communication with customers on many topics such as Basic toxicology and OEL/OEB setting, hazard identification for typical high potent API manufacturing and formulation, Analysis of containment testing, Containment strategy for high potent API and OSD engineering, risk analysis and documentation. The participants can get a deeper understanding of making decision for high potent drug production sharing facilities, cleaning validation of high potent production and so on.

AUSTAR will give further service according to customers' requirements. We will always persist in promoting industry advancement.

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