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AUSTAR participated in Asia Pharma Expo 2020 in Bangladesh


28 Feb-1st Mar, 2020. The 12th Asia Pharma Expo which focuses on medical and pharmaceutical technology products and services was held in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. AUSTAR Group, together with the partner Hi-Tech Health Care joined the Expo.

AUSTAR shared her key pharmaceutical technologies and one-stop solutions in the area of clean room, liquid process, integrated solution for freeze-drying, biopharmaceutical process solution, and verification and compliance consulting. The team received consultations from clients of different countries and conducted in-depth discussions on cutting-edge technologies and industry developments which facilitated mutual understanding.

As a leading pharmaceutical engineering solution provider, AUSTAR Group keeps promoting industry progress as her mission. Through participating in the Asia Pharma Expo to meet and work with clients for the improvement of pharmaceutical technology in the region.


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