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AUSTAR Group New LOGO Release


AUSTAR Group new LOGO releases on April 26th, 2020.

The release of the new LOGO announces the comprehensive upgrading of AUSTAR brand, platform, and product & service strategies. The group is committed to making extensive progress in the field of pharmaceutical engineering and strengthening our commitment to creating extraordinary value for our clients and partners.


The new LOGO has a full interpretation of the business core values. Purple gives the feeling of stability, strength, mysterious and inclusiveness, looks glamour, special and different, which expresses our confidence and courage to explore the future.

Trans-positional thinking - Thinking about issues from a clients’ point of view, to understand and analyse their needs, and provide clients with more appropriate solutions and thoughtful service.

All about ‘You’ - Representing AUSTAR respects and values every employee and their contribution.

Care and protect health - From an industry attribute point of view, it represents AUSTAR’s commitment to improving human health and promoting industry advancement.

Group SLOGAN – Connecting extraordinary ideas. Connecting world’s leading technical resources to provide cutting-edge technology solutions and services for clients.

Since AUSTAR Group established in 1991, our business has made continuous and successful development in recent 30 years. Improving our service capability and delivering value to our clients would always be our business pursuit.


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