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AUSTAR with New Brand Images at 59th CIPM Promotes Industry Progress


The 59th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition ( CIPM for short) was successfully held at Chongqing International Expo Center on Nov 3-5, 2020. At this recognized industry-leading exhibition, AUSTAR, as a professional pharmaceutical engineering solution provider, attracted a great number of visitors with new brand images, professional technology application scenes display, high-end new product launch, concurrent technical forum and digital resource platform and other highlights. 

AUSTAR with brand-new images demonstrated the determination to create extraordinary value for our clients and partners. The company is committed to provide the integrated pharmaceutical engineering solutions by taking full advantages of the comprehensive technical knowledge of pharmaceutical industry, leading technical application capabilities and high-quality equipment & systems in the application fields of Clean Utilities, Pharmaceutical Automation & Digitalization, Pharmaceutical Formulation Technology, Biopharma Process & Technology, Regulatory Compliance & Operation Excellence, Laboratory Technology & Facilities, Biosafety Technology & Facilities, Cleaning, Sterilization & Disinfection, Clean Room/HVAC/EMS/BMS, Quality/Measurement & Analytics, Filling, Freeze-Drying & Inspection, Containment Technology.  

CIPM 2020-1.jpg

CIPM 2020-2.jpg

Technological Innovation: An Efficient Way to Help Clients in Pharmaceutical Industry     

The high-end new product Co-Axial Mixer, developed by AUSTAR independently, made its debut at 59th CIPM. The mixer is the first core equipment of AUSTAR production system supporting high viscosity products, and its unique design can effectively solve the flow and circulation problems of high viscosity fluid, meanwhile, it can improve efficiency of mixing, heating and cooling. In addition, the intelligent cleanroom system, designed and produced by AUSTAR independently, was also particularly eye-catching in the numerous exhibits and attracted a large crowds. 

CIPM 2020-3.jpg   

Knowledge Sharing: Promote Industry Progress          

Through various concurrent events such as keynote speeches on technical forum, professional book sharing and digital resource platform interaction, AUSTAR shared the latest technologies, regulations and practices of pharmaceutical industry and jointly promoted the progress of pharmaceutical industry. 

CIPM 2020-4.jpg

By integrating the global high-quality resources, AUSTAR provides clients with the most cutting-edge technology application solutions and services. As an exhibitor of CIPM for many years, AUSTAR continuously presents visitors with a close approach to the comprehensive and integrated pharmaceutical industry solutions and technological innovation. Furthermore, the company shares the latest technologies, regulations and practices of the industry; and strengthens exchanges with our partners and promotes in-depth cooperation by this platform.

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