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AUSTAR is committed to the service, research and development of pharmaceutical liquid process system, and provides various advanced solutions for pharmaceutical enterprises, providing the pharmaceutical industry with pharmaceutical liquid process system, such as pharmaceutical water system, pharmaceutical liquid preparation system and CIP/SIP system, etc. AUSTAR's product is applied in various dosage forms such as API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), oral solid preparations, infusion solutions, powder injections and biological preparations etc. AUSTAR can, as per client's requirement, provide clients with products and services covering purified water preparation system, multi-effect water distiller, pure steam generator, CIP/SIP system, water system distribution and pipeline network system etc. With its rich experience in project management, process design, engineering construction, commissioning and validation services etc., AUSTAR can provide clients with liquid process systems conforming to requirements of current version of Chinese GMP, EU GMP and U.S. FDA. Through scientific & reasonable design and risk analysis prior to project construction, AUSTAR, relying on its self-manufactured main equipment, high quality installation and processing work and perfect verification & after-sales service, provides abroad & domestic pharmaceutical enterprises with high standard and customized comprehensive clean utility engineering solutions.

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Steris Finn-Aqua Water Stills



Steris Finn-Aqua Pure Steam Generator

Purified Water Equipment

Heat Exchanger



POU Piping

CIP Workstation

Sterile Preparation Dosage System

Co-Axial Mixer

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