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AUSTAR can provide pharmaceutical enterprises with full life cycle digital solutions from digital strategy consulting to digital application implementation and after-sales service. Based on strategic cooperation with industry leading enterprises such as SIEMENS, WERUM, ProLeiT, and Rockwell etc. and together with years' experience relating to process, laws & regulations, lean manufacturing, excellent operation and validation, AUSTAR can provide pharmaceutical enterprises of different sizes with whole life cycle digital solutions which cover various aspects from warehouse to manufacturing, quality and equipment maintenance etc. AUSTAR has decades of experience in digitalization area and implemented several digitalization projects which won ISPE international engineering awards.

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Enterprise Digitalization Application and Service

Through digital consulting services, AUSTAR can make digitalization blueprints plan and implementation routes at the early stage of plant construction, transfer knowledge and experience, directly or indirectly create value for clients.

With enterprise-level system application support, clients can collect, correlate and present operational and business data in a timely manner to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. Meanwhile, it helps clients make real-time logical correlation and decisions, improve overall operation and maintenance of the plant.

Manufacturing Process Digitalization

AUSTAR could provide whole-process digital solutions from warehouse management to manufacture and production. The environmental monitoring and warehouse management system will carry out strict management and control on materials since they enter the enterprise to ensure efficient materials storage and circulation. The MES system will manage work order, personnel, materials, equipment etc., to ensure production compliance and help enterprises realize paperless production. Based on resource advantages, AUSTAR has developed several sub-industry process control system software packages, such as API, biopharma and traditional Chinese medicine etc. could provide clients with high qualified solutions. Meanwhile, environmental monitoring and building management system, which are the star products of AUSTAR, maintains a leading domestic market position.

Equipment and Maintenance Digitalization

Relying on its profound understanding of pharmaceutical equipment and lean manufacturing, AUSTAR can provide multi-dimensional equipment management solutions for pharmaceutical enterprises and help them manage equipment effectively, realizing reasonable resources allocation and providing decision-makers with comprehensive management plan, achieving efficient, reliable and safe equipment operation and reducing their management and maintenance expenses. 

Quality Compliance Digitalization

AUSTAR provides pharmaceutical enterprises with quality business management services in the aspect of R&D, production and maintenance, also provides pharmaceutical enterprises with solutions for management of laboratory human resources, quality, equipment and reagent etc., AUSTAR pays attention to the change of regulations so as to help clients minimize the cost and risks caused by regulation change, improve clients’ production compliance and shorten the time of drug entry to market.

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